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September 13, 2010


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Tyre Repair

The first type of on-site nitrogen is Membrane Technology. Membrane nitrogen generators are typically used in applications where the purity requirement is below 99.5% (0.5% O2 or higher).

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Nitrogen does have benefits and better thank other gases put in your tires. Nitrogen maintains tire pressure longer than oxygen and also it is good for the environment.

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Nitrogen is an inert gas and will not cause corrosion or rust. Nitrogen also will not degrade the seals in air valves, further preventing pressure loss.


I feel the cost of putting nitrogen in your tires out weights the benefits. Tires are exposed to nitrogen from the outside air. I am willing more tires are ruined by exposure to sunlight than putting air in them.

John Lucidi

The majority of damage from oxygen comes as compressed air (oxygen) permeates through the tire. Not on the exterior surface from atmospheric air. By minimizing oxygen in the tire with nitrogen inflation, you minimize the breakdown of the rubber and rusting of the steel belts, maintaining higher quality rubber (i.e. higher quality tire) longer.

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