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August 24, 2011


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Commercially available nitrogen requires a substantial amount of electrical energy from either a nuclear or conventional power plant to produce into a compressed form. The chrome molybdenum steel compressed air bottles used to contain the nitrogen require a substantial amount of energy and raw material to fabricate. There needs to be a vehicle used to deliver the compressed nitrogen and it too required a complex and massive amount of raw materials and energy to produce it and it probably uses some kind of fossil fuel to get the product to its intended destination. The bottle cart, regulator, gages and high pressure hose that is needed to get the compressed gas into the tire are also made at a factory somewhere and required energy and raw materials to produce. Get it? Most people do not want to see or don’t care how the sausages are made.
All of this unnecessary, imperceptible ecological impact so you can feel good and tell everyone about how environmentally conscious and aware you are about using 20% more nitrogen in your tires than your neighbor is bull. You are being scammed into thinking that you are making a positive environmental difference using nitrogen. Want to help the environment? Check your tire pressures on occasion. That’s it…

Drop Suspension

Nitrogen is not magic. It is one of the most abundant gasses on the earth's atmosphere. Point taken, nitrogen prolongs life of tires and maximizes fuel economy.

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