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October 12, 2011


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Well, I've recently encountered some. I guess the nitrogen tires works well than ordinary air inflated ones. It has a better grip and handling added to your vehicle.


You should certainly inflate your spare with nitrogen to help maintain proper inflation when it comes time you need to use it. Because of the slower air pressure loss of nitrogen through the sidewalls, your spare is more likely to be at proper pressure over a long time than if it was filled with regular air.


Really intersting as you wouldn't first think that Nitrogen could be made efficient with this method. Whats also interesting is the fact the difference must be considerable from air to nitrogen for this change to even be considered.

nitrogen tyre inflation

Do not check tyre pres­sures after the vehi­cle has been oper­ated because tyres heat up, caus­ing the air pres­sure to rise. Allow them to cool, then carry out your pres­sure check.

Check your spare tyre as well. The cor­rect air pres­sure for a spare is often dif­fer­ent than the tyres on your vehi­cle. The proper air pres­sure for your spare should also be listed in your owner’s man­ual, door jam, or glove compartment.

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